Best Outside the Box Gift Ideas

How many times have you wanted to show your gratitude or celebrate a great occasion by giving someone the perfect gift? It is always nice to receive something thoughtful, and it’s even better when you can give a gift that is a bit different than what someone would usually receive. It all depends on how well you know the person and what your relationship is, but no matter who you are buying for, everyone can enjoy some of the items below.

A Potted Plant

Flowers are always a nice surprise when you want to say thank you or wish someone well, but sometimes they seem a little cliché. Not only are they a typical choice but they are temporary. If you want to impress someone and show them how you really feel, get them a potted plant. This is a great option because you have a range of choices. You could easily purchase a nice flowering plant to brighten their space year-round, but most flowering plants require a little bit of care. For those who may not want to pay as much attention to their new gift, opt for a cactus or succulent that needs very little upkeep. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can gift a plant that gives back, like a vegetable or their favorite herb.

Seasonal Fruit

We have all felt the twinge of jealousy you get when your coworker receives an edible arrangement or gift basket. These are always fun to give because you know they will be enjoyed and can even be shared. Sometimes you can find a local vendor, but often times these types of things are ordered online and delivered fresh to the recipient of your choice. If you have witnessed one of these deliveries, you know that the chocolate covered fruits are always the first to go. When you want to gift only the best, you can order from Shari’s Berries, where everything is dipped in chocolate and you can even customize your selections. No matter who you are shopping for, food will never fail.

Donations to Charity

Most of us have a friend or coworker who already has everything they need. These can be the hardest types of people to buy gifts for. You don’t ever want to give a gift that seems like a waste, and you also want it to be appreciated and give a sense of happiness to the recipient. If the gift is for an occasion where you are not the only one giving, there is always the risk that you will buy the same thing as someone else. For my most recent birthday, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened an envelope from my aunt and uncle that contained a single piece of paper. As I read my name and the description of the charity they had donated to I was filled with a sense of gratitude. Even when you don’t live a life of luxury, knowing that someone out there is getting a little help on your behalf can feel like the best gift of all. There are so many organizations to choose from, you can pick one that reflects the recipient’s interests or choose a general one.